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    Ambulance Sterilizer(OKC-119SP)
    Sterilizer for ambulance
    - Sterilization operation mode: 20W or less, fan air volume (38CMF*2), operation mode (50db) or less
    - Fumigation and disinfection operation mode: 16W or less
    - Sterilization and disinfection (sterilization) module: Super plasma (SPI) sterilization and OH radical plasma (RCI CELL) sterilization method
    - LCD displays plasma, anion, sterilization, SPI, air purification, disinfection, temperature and humidity operating conditions.
    The operating time and total operating time up to latest operation are classified and checked, and air volume is displayed.
    Checks the current temperature and humidity inside the ambulance and shows it on the LCD screen and informs when to replace the filter.
    Using remote control, negative ions, plasma, lamp, and air volume can be adjusted in more than 4 steps.
    Basic sterilization method: RCI optical plasma, SPI / HPI ion plasma sterilization method.
    Selective disinfection method: Fumigation disinfection method (additional operation is possible if necessary, and operation by human body detection sensor)
    During operation, hydroxide ions (OH-), oxygen ions (O2), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are not harmful to the human body, and do not affect electronic circuits and loading equipment inside the ambulance.
    All operations and situations are indicated with Korean voice.
    It can be monitored by measuring the temperature and humidity inside the ambulance in real time by a high-performance temperature and humidity sensor.
    Sterilization range: sterilizes almost all bacteria such as bacteria, viruses, tuberculosis, fungi, MRSA, etc.
    The optical plasma lamp can be used for more than 25,000 hours, and the SPI (super plasma) can be used semi-permanently.
    * Photocatalyst sterilization: sterilization/decomposition of viruses, harmful bacteria, and harmful substances
    * Silver nano and anion sterilization: sterilization and antibacterial purification of harmful bacteria

    - Safety device
    * Human body detection function: When fumigating and disinfecting, the function is converted to automatic sterilization according to human body detection.
    * Voice function: Including Korean voice function and emergency maintenance and alarm during operation
    -The sterilizer can be used as a built-in self-rechargeable battery without an external power source.

    - Size: 360mm(L) × 220mm(W) × 85mm(H)
    - Weight: 5kg (including removable rechargeable battery) or less
    Rated voltage: DC12V (in-vehicle power supply), and AC220V available (adapter installed)
    Battery: DC12V (removable rechargeable battery's own built-in power supply)

    - Main Unit (1)
    - Removable rechargeable built-in battery (1)
    - Remote control (1)
    - Installation bracket (1)
    - Cigar jack cord (1)
    - Exclusive filter (5)
    - Korean User Manual (1)