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    Portable Ventilator(LTV1200 Ventilator Continuous)
    Equipment that supplies breathing gas containing a certain amount of oxygen to the patient and applies non-intubation ventilation for the purpose of treating patients with insufficient breathing or obstructive sleep apnea
    - Small and light type of ventilator
    - A ventilator that operates without an air compressor by applying turbine technology
    - Various ventilation methods: volume control ventilation, pressure control ventilation, pressure assisted ventilation and non-intubation ventilation
    - Set and detect alarms for high pressure, low pressure, minimum ventilation rate per minute and apnea
    - It is possible to control the oxygen concentration in the intake hose through not only high-pressure oxygen but also low-pressure oxygen
    - Control part lock function
    - Function to limit the maximum exhalation time or to vary the transfer from inspiration to expiration during pressure-assisted ventilation according to the ratio of instantaneous maximum flow
    - Possible to operate the ventilator using various power sources (internal battery power, external battery power, commercial AC power)
    - Variety of functions, functionality, and ease of movement allow patients to move freely
    - Preset function enables quick setting for new patients
    - When the patient type (infant, pediatric, adult) is selected, the initial setting value is automatically set
    - SBT function with RSBI applied to evaluate the patient's ventilator deviation
    - It is a product that has passed the standard (MIL-STD-810E) for shock and vibration tests for use in airplanes, helicopters, etc.

    - Power Specifications
    11-15 VDC, 90-250VAC, 47-63Hz and internal battery
    - Mechanical Specifications
    1) Weight: 6.5kg
    2) Height X Width X Length: 8.4cm X 27cm X 38cm
    3) High pressure oxygen : 40 - 80 PSIG (2,8 - 5,5 bar), low pressure oxygen : <80 lpm
    - control

    - Body (1)
    - Dust cover (1)
    - Body protection cover (1)
    - Commercial AC connection device (1)
    - 220V power cord (1)
    - Humidifier body (1)
    - Water bottle for humidifier (1)
    - Patient hose (2)
    - Humidifier hose (4)
    - drip tray (2)
    - Oxygen hose (1)
    - Test lung(1)
    - User Manual (1)
    - Sprint Pack(1)