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    Vein Viewer(Vein Viewer Flex(134-002102-01))
    Medical device that helps understand the structure of venous blood vessels by securing digital image through infrared LED contrast method
    - Be able to locate blood vessels up to 10mm subcutaneously non-invasively without skin contact.
    - By using the hemoglobin absorption near-infrared LED contrast method, the inconvenience and disadvantages of the laser contrast method should be supplemented and it should be safely applied to any part of the body
    - It should show ~97% accuracy compared to ultrasound and be able to check blood vessel status, blood flow, and hematoma in real time with our proprietary AVIN (Active Vascular Imaging Navigation) technology.
    - Provide a bright and clear screen by capturing digital images appearing on the skin (200 saved) and showing them in real time.
    - It should be possible to convert the image into 4 types
    - Easy to install and can be used with both hands, so you can easily insert an injection
    - There is a standard for checking the focus, and there is no need to adjust the interior light with sufficient brightness
    - According to the remaining battery level, the battery warning display will be displayed in 3 steps (100%, 25%, 10%).
    - Since there is no contact with the patient, there is no risk of infection and there is no need to disinfect the equipment.
    - Rechargeable, no need to connect to an electrical outlet.
    - The small size makes it easy to move and can be used anywhere.
    - Since it shows blood vessels in real time, it should be usable even if the patient moves.
    - Infants and children with weak blood vessels, patients with thick subcutaneous fat, and patients with long-term hospitalization with frequent injections will be treated with IV treatment to increase the trust of patients and their caregivers.
    - Submit FDA, MFDS, CE, ISO13485, Drop test for IEC/UL60601-1 certification documents.

    - Weight: 0.73Kg
    - Size : 29.21 X 3.81 X 9.65cm
    - Power: AC power and battery
    - Electrical rating: 100-240VAC, 0.6A, 50-60Hz
    - Proper operating temperature: 16°C - 30°C
    - Proper use humidity: 10% - 90%
    - Proper storage temperature: room temperature
    - Proper storage humidity: 0% - 90%
    - Durability: drop test according to IEC/UL60601

    - VeinViewer Flex body (1)
    - Charger (1)
    - Charging adapter and power cable (1)
    - Rechargeable battery (2)
    - PC connection cable (1)
    - EMT exclusive pouch (1)
    - Dedicated cradle (2)