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    Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer(HPS-30)
    A medical device that kills (sterilizes) malignant bacteria through a sterilization process of contaminated treatment tools and surgical tools.
    - Overload protection circuit: A circuit breaker that can protect the circuit by blocking it from abnormal current flow (overload, short circuit) should be provided. (Rated current-20A)
    - Door lock: Should be equipped with a device to prevent the door from being opened during the sterilization process
    -Optical sensor: Built-in optical sensor detects whether plasma is generated. If plasma does not occur, stop all operations and display an error.
    -Temperature sensor: Chamber heater and hydrogen peroxide vaporizer Always monitor to prevent the temperature of the heater from rising above the set temperature, determine if there is a failure of the heater, and display an error in case of abnormality.
    -Air filter alarm: Since the air filter replacement cycle limit is 500 times, it notifies the user for the filter replacement cycle through the display window when sterilization process reaches 500 times.
    -Notification window: The sterilization process cannot be performed when the cartridge (hydrogen peroxide) is not inserted or when the door is opened, and the status of the sterilizer must be notified to the user by displaying an icon in the display window.
    -Chamber volume: The volume of the sterilization room should be 30 liters or more.
    -Hydrogen peroxide: Use an aqueous solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide.
    -Sterilization mode: The sterilization process should be able to be sterilized by selecting one of Smart Mode, Standard Mode, and Special Mode.

    - Size: 605(L) × 594(W) × 525(H)
    - Display window: 2.7" OLED
    - Weight: about 90Kg

    - Main Unit (1)
    - Power cord (1)
    - Catridge (50)
    - Pouch 250mm x 100m (1)
    - CI strip (1pack)
    - User Manual (1)