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    Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer(PLAZE-50)
    A medical device that kills (sterilizes) malignant bacteria through the sterilization process of contaminated treatment and surgical instruments
    [ Safety device ]
    - Overload protection circuit: (There is a circuit breaker that can protect the circuit by blocking the non-ideal current flow (overload, short circuit) (15A)
    - Door lock: A device to prevent the door from being opened during the sterilization process
    - Optical sensor: When plasma is generated, there is a built-in optical sensor. If plasma is not generated, hydrogen peroxide is not injected into the chamber and an error is displayed
    - Temperature sensor and dedicated temperature controller: Monitors the temperature and hydrogen peroxide vaporizer heater in the chamber at all times to determine whether the heater is faulty and displays it as an error
    - Air filter alarm: The air filter replacement cycle is 500 times. When the sterilization process is used more than 500 times, the touch screen notifies the user of the filter replacement cycle.
    - Notification window: When the cartridge (hydrogen peroxide) is not inserted and the door is open, the touch screen notifies the user with a warning window to prevent the sterilization process from proceeding.

    [ Performance ]
    - The capacity of the sterilization room is 50 liters or more
    - Sterilize with a concentration of 50% or more of hydrogen peroxide
    - Sterilization is carried out by dividing the sterilization process into Standard Mode and Fast Mode.
    - One cartridge is used in a single process
    - Hydrogen peroxide is 100% vaporized
    - If the heater temperature does not reach the set temperature, the disinfection mode is stopped and an error occurs and printer is printed.
    - The tower lamp displays the progress in yellow (sterilization in progress), green (sterilization complete), and red (error occurrence)
    - Heater can be always ON and always OFF

    - Main body (1)
    Power cord (1)
    Dryer (1set)
    Pouch 300mm x 100mm (1)
    Pouch 150mm x 100mm (1)
    CI strip (1pack)
    User’s manual