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    Trauma treatment set(MES-TR)
    It is a product that is applied directly to the burned area in case of severe burn patients, and the hydrogel minimizes damage to the burn area.
    < Applicable trauma >
    1. Burns: After washing the wound, protect the wound surface and transfer (Terasop Al Plus adhesive, pressure bandage)
    2. Penetration: After stopping blood with compression dressing on the wound surface, transfer (Terasopp Al Plus, Compression Bandage)
    3. Abrasions: After washing the wound, protect the wound to prevent secondary infection (Terasop Rg Plus adhesive, pressure bandage)
    4. Cut: After washing the wound and performing emergency sutures, stop flow of blood with compression dressing and transfer (Sterly strip, Therasoap Rg Plus adhesive, pressure bandage)
    5. Laceration: After washing the wound, protect the wound surface and transfer it after stopping blood with pressure dressing. In case of lacerations, there is difficulty in emergency suturing because the wound surface is irregular.
    6. Bite: After washing the wound, protect the wound surface and transfer (Terasop RG Plus adhesive, pressure bandage)
    < Purpose of use >
    1. Bandage Scissors: Must be able to remove clothing from wounds and cut pressure bandages
    2. Terrasop Ali Plus Adhesiveness: Prevents and protects wounds from secondary infection, promotes hemostasis, and can absorb exudates
    3. Compression bandage: It should be able to compress and protect the wound area.
    4. Steri Strip: Tape for emergency suturing. This purpose is used as a reinforcement tape after suturing. However, if the size of cuts and wounds is small, it should be able to be used as a suture tape for the purpose of reducing the burden on the patient in medical facilities.
    5. Skin stapler: In case of head (head) wounds and lacerations, it is difficult to apply Steri Stelip (foreign substances such as hair), so it should be possible to perform emergency sutures using a skin stapler.
    6. Sterile gloves: Must be able to prevent infection during rescue measures by lifeguards
    7. Band-Aids: Immobilization of compression bandages and other dressing materials

    *Size: 33(width)*28(length)*11(width)
    - Terrasop Rg Plus (7.5 x 7.5), (9 x 15), (9 x 20), (9 x 25) 3 each
    - Steri strip (R1540), (R1541), (R1542) 3 each
    - 2 pressure bandages (3inch)
    - 2 sterilization gloves (M)
    - 2 paper bandages (1inch)
    - Hydrogen peroxide (30ml) 1 pc
    - 1 bandage scissors (14cm)
    - 1 cotton swab (6inch)
    - 1 skin stapler (35W)
    - 1 piece of aluminum splint (HAN-S)
    - bag