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    Emergency Small Stretcher(SS-02)
    Stretcher used to transport patients in narrow spaces such as stairs in apartments or small houses
    • Outer part of the stretcher
    * The outer skin is made of Soltop and is embossed on the outside, so foreign substances or blood should not penetrate.
    * The rim should be treated with high frequency to be waterproof.
    * The corners should have a streamlined shape for convenient storage and transportation.
    * On the surface, the emergency medical personnel mark must be printed in silk.
    *The head of the stretcher has a triangular structure that narrows as it goes forward and has a handle that can support the patient's head and cervical spine.
    *There should be a total of 4 handles, 2 on each side of the top and bottom.
    *The handle should be made of sponge made of P foam to prevent slipping when transporting the patient.
    *The connecting part of the handle must be finished in high frequency.
    *The ring at the connection part of the main body and the handle should be made of black plastic and high-frequency treatment should be applied at the outer part of the stretcher.
    •  Inner part of the stretcher
    *The interior should have a triple structure and the material composition should be made of plastic layer between two sponge layers.
    •  Patient fixing belt and wing*The belt should be one-touch type, one each on above and below the stretcher.
    *There must be an emergency medical service mark sewn on one side of the belt.
    *A total of 4 wings on both sides of the stretcher must be round trapezoidal shape.
    *The wing must have a patient fixing belt.

    • Product size (outside stretcher)
    * Head handle size: about 11cmX 2.5cm (±1cm)
    * Inner handle sponge size: approx. 23 cm (± 1 cm) thickness: approx. 3 cm (± 1 cm)
    * Handle total length: 53 cm (±1 cm)
    * Overall size of stretcher: (including wings) about 135.5cm X 60cm X 2cm (±1cm)
    • Product size (inside stretcher)
    * Plastic size: about 124cm x 61cm (±1cm)
    * Sponge size: about 124cm X 61cm (±1cm)
    • Product size (wing)
    * Wing size: about 25cm X 7.5cm (±1cm)
    * Width of stretcher between wings: about 45cm (±1cm)

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